Fuse-In Designs™


Ditch the dated design trend of covering electrical panels with mirrors or artwork and embrace a DESIGN- focused, SAFE solution to masking those dreadful metal eyesores!


We want to help you make your design dreams a reality. Whether that be adorning your electrical panel with a personalized luxury cover, or blending your panel into your current décor. Our team of designers are here to provide you with only the highest quality craftsmanship and client care.  

 In saying this, we have done our very best to supply you with a wide array of patterns, designs, textures and images to choose from; ranging from traditional to eclectic and abstract, designs that when added to your décor will be instrumental in creating a style that is unique to you and your distinctive living space. 

Dooley Thoughts .jpg

Find Joy…..

If you choose to customize your Fuse-In Designs™ covering with your own personal message, inspirational quote, image or photograph, we hope you will select something that is personally significant to you and that you find JOY displaying it within your living space.

We hope that you will love our designs as much as we do and take the time to carefully select one, as you would any other piece of art for your home.
— Lindsay Thompson ~ Fuse-In Designs™ Inventor