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Custom Paint Match HVAC Fan Coil Covers

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Fuse-In Designs™ ~ We’ve got you COVERED, literally

Is your Heating and Air Conditioning Fan Coil System placed directly on a livable space wall within your home? Have you tried painting it only to discover it became chipped and damaged during servicing? Fuse-In Designs™ Decorative Magnetic Fan Coil Covers may be just the solution you are looking for!

Simply provide us with the precise dimensions as well as the name/code of your paint colour, and we can custom create a Fuse-In Designs™ Decorative Magnetic Cover that you can apply and remove within seconds.  

If a custom paint colour match isn’t your cup of tea, and you would rather have your Fan Coil System stand out as a piece of art, you are welcome to choose from our wide array of patterns, designs, and textures from our Shop Online menu, OR contact us to find out how you can customize with your own personal message or inspirational quote!

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