Fuse-In Designs™




Faced with an unattractively-industrial looking metal box on a high traffic wall within one’s living space planted the seeds for a wonderful idea.   The concept of the Fuse-In Designs™ electrical panel cover was born from the frustration that there wasn’t anything else on the market of its kind. 

Canadian born, Lindsay Thompson developed the concept for Fuse-In Designs™ in early 2014, upon moving from a house (where the electrical panel is predominantly situated in the basement) to a condo.  At that point in time she noticed that most condos and apartments were marred by exposed electrical panels, directly within their living space.  Disturbed by this eyesore, she attempted to purchase something that would cover hers, without presenting to be a potential fire hazard.  Surprised to find that no such product existed, Lindsay sought legal representation to begin the search for patents for similar products.  Finding none, she visualized creating a product that would be decorative, yet functional: ensuring that the electrical panel could be easily accessible and recognizable, in case of an electrical emergency. 

Comprised of two separate magnetic pieces, the larger square piece, making up the outside frame of the electrical panel- the inner piece, a square with a small opening for the handle, covering the door. And so it came to be; a simplistic design, allowing one to open and close the panel door, without having to remove the Fuse-In Designs™ covering.